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Biden's executive order to restrict asylum and expedite deportations goes into effect.

On Tuesday, June 4, new measures created by President Biden took effect to restrict entry and asylum for migrants crossing the southern border of the United States illegally.

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On Tuesday, June 4, President Joe Biden signed an executive order restricting entry and asylum for undocumented immigrants, and additionally expediting deportations. Just five months before the presidential elections and facing a critical situation at the southern border, Biden has decided to implement stricter measures for the admission process of asylum seekers and to potentially close the southern border if daily crossings exceed 2,500.

The midnight of Tuesday, June 4, marked the implementation of this measure, which is expected to help regain control over immigration at the country's southern border.

What does Biden's executive order say about restricting asylum at the southern border?

  • It prohibits asylum for foreigners who illegally cross the southern border of the United States.

  • The measure will go into effect when the border becomes overwhelmed and daily crossings exceed 2,500 over a period of 7 days.

  • It is a temporary measure; if the numbers are lower than those mentioned and the U.S. system can ensure safe and effective management of operations at the border, the measure will be suspended until these numbers are exceeded again.

  • It grants immigration officials the authority to immediately deport these immigrants who cross illegally and do not have legal grounds to remain in the United States.

  • Certain humanitarian exceptions are excluded, including unaccompanied children and victims of human trafficking.

  • The Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security have created a special list of pending legal cases for newcomers to expedite resolution of some immigration cases involving attempts to cross the southern border between ports of entry in violation of our immigration laws.

  • It also considers the revocation of visas for executives of companies and government officials who benefit from the illegal entry of immigrants into the U.S.

What does strengthening the applicant selection process to restrict asylum mean?

Non-U.S. citizens who pose a risk to public or national security will be deported immediately instead of being detained for a period before their expulsion.


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