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Presidential Debate Exposes Immigration Positions of Biden and Trump

Last night, we witnessed a historic presidential debate between current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, an unprecedented event that allowed them to face off head-to-head. This format captured the attention of millions and accentuated the division between Democrats and Republicans.

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Joe Biden was quick to criticize Trump, claiming that during his administration "the largest number of terrorists entered the U.S." Biden emphasized that under his administration, "40% fewer people are crossing the border illegally." Additionally, he condemned Trump's family separation policies: "During his presidency, babies were separated from their mothers, put in cages, and families were kept apart. That is not the right way to go." Here, Biden made it clear that he is committed to a more humane immigration policy, although he did not detail how he plans to improve the current system.

On the other hand, moderator Dana Bash asked Trump directly about his stance on the deportation of immigrants, questioning whether he would deport all undocumented individuals, including those married to U.S. citizens. Trump avoided a clear response and instead attacked Biden's policies.

"We are living in chaos, following his ridiculous policies (...) They are killing our citizens. (...) It’s horrible what is happening in our country. We are an uncivilized country." - Joe Biden

Trump also criticized Biden's treatment of immigrants, claiming they are living in luxury hotels in cities like New York while "veterans are dying." Additionally, when asked about the January 6, 2021 Capitol attack, Trump took the opportunity to bring up both immigration and taxes, using the tough rhetoric that has characterized his approach.

From a legal perspective, the debate clearly highlighted the differences in Biden and Trump's views on immigration. Biden, despite implementing a recent executive order for border control, calls for greater empathy and a more humane approach towards immigrants. His criticisms of Trump's family separation policies reflect a commitment to immigration reform that treats immigrants with dignity.

Trump, on the other hand, maintains a rigid stance focused on security and strict border control. His comments suggest a continuation of deportation policies and a punitive approach to illegal immigration. His rhetoric, which demonizes immigrants as criminals and a burden on American society, aims to solidify his electoral base that supports a hardline stance on this issue.

Immigration remains a crucial and divisive issue in American politics. Last night's debate underscored the deep differences between Biden and Trump in this area, offering voters a clear choice between a hardline policy and a promise of humanitarian reform. With the elections approaching, each candidate's stance on immigration will be decisive for many voters as the country seeks to define its direction on this essential issue. As an immigration lawyer, it is evident that future policies will largely depend on the outcome of these elections, highlighting the importance of a detailed and thoughtful analysis of both candidates' proposals.


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